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Bear Grylls Survival Academy Summer Programs 1 Week Program (Boys & Girls Ages 11-17)


Frost Valley YMCA


2000 Frost Valley Road
Claryville, NY, 12725
United States


All Day Friday - Sunday
1 Week Programs: $1,650 2 Week Programs: $2,500


9-12 years Teenagers
Contact name: 
Frost Valley YMCA is home to the world’s first Bear Grylls Survival Academy Summer Camp for teens!

Campers Learn Valuable Outdoor Skills:

• Foraging for food
• How to build a fire for cooking and warmth
• Creating a shelter in nature
• Rappeling (down a waterfall!)
• The safest way to cross waterways & rough terrain
• Trapping and snaring
• Various methods of dynamic self-rescues

If your group was lost in the Catskill Mountains, would you have what it takes to make it through the night? The days are hot and the nights are cold. There’s no cell phone service and no signs of civilization. Would you know what to do in any wilderness survival situation? This six-day extreme camp teaches outdoor skills that are useful to anyone who loves the Great Outdoors, and could even be life-saving. Camp is led by survival professionals trained by the award-winning Bear Grylls Survival Academy, and the program’s director, Jeff Williams, has even worked with Bear Grylls himself. Through their guidance and supervision, campers gain dozens of skills as they’re put to the test in thrilling survival and endurance scenarios!

 This is also the only Frost Valley program to RAPPEL DOWN HIGH FALLS! Campers will be outfitted in top-of-the-line essentials so they can safely overcome challenges that are simulated, yet no less extreme, in the Catskill wilderness — while also experiencing the natural world around them, building a strong sense of camaraderie with their peers, developing grit and resilience, and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones.