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Review of Ski Skooter


by Katie Beltramo


If you're looking for a new way to have fun in the snow, you've got to try the Ski Skooter by GeoSpace International. The Ski Skooter looks a bit like a normal scooter except that it has a super-smooth plastic surface instead of wheels. There's a handle that folds for easy storage and travel. You can use the Ski Skooter like a regular scooter, leaving one foot planted on the non-skid surface and pushing along with the other foot, and it's a great, fun method of transportation.




We tried out the Ski Skooter on one of our favorite local sledding hills, and I have to be honest with you: I found it terrifying. Somehow sledding, with its low center of gravity, only starts to feel scary when we go very fast and are heading for another sledder or a tree. Standing upright on the Ski Skooter to go down a hill requires a bit of skill (not too much) and a bit of nerve (slightly more than I had).  I'd absolutely recommend wearing a helmet with the Ski Skooter. With practice, you can control your direction and become better (and less terrified) going downhill, so it's great because it offers an opportunity for a bit of skills progression, which always tends to keep kids more occupied than doing the same thing over and over.  It's also great that the Ski Skooter makes scooting down even a small-ish hill or around your backyard fun, so if you don't have time to hike over to the park, your kids can still enjoy some snow speed.




The Ski Skooter folks say that it also works on grassy hills and sand dunes. We haven't tried that (yet), but it's absolutely a fun new toy for snow time fun. The Ski Skooter is available via Amazon for $49.99.


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Katie Beltramo, a mother of two, is an editor at Kids Out and About. She also blogs at Capital District Fun.